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Elderly Health Care Providers - Comfort Keepers of Sheboygan, WI Make Medication Management Easy

How well does your senior loved one manage their medications? Learn more about how to adequately control your loved one's medications with these tips from Comfort Keepers Elderly Health Care Providers of Sheboygan, WI

As you start to age, you may need to take different prescription medications and vitamins to ensure a healthy life, but it can be difficult to manage all of your medications and vitamins at once. For example, you may forget when to take them, which ones to cut, how often to take them, and which medications need to be taken with food or milk. These types of technicalities with your medications can cause confusion and may lead to you taking the incorrect dose or not taking one of the medicines you needed. Whether you suffer from memory loss, confusion, or any other type of illness, our elderly health care providers is ready to help you properly manage your medication through the use of a pill dispenser.

There are too many dangers that come along with not having your medications organized. From incorrect doses, down to serious complications that can leave you hospitalized, there is serious risk. At Comfort Keepers elderly health care providers, we know how difficult it can be to manage and take all of your medications, minerals, and vitamins. Our team will team up with you and your loved ones to ensure that your medications can be taken safely and on time each and every day.

Our team of caregivers will work with you to incorporate the Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice into your daily routine. This dispenser is user friendly and easy to use. Specifically made to help seniors, this pill dispenser is one of the best solutions for safety and medication management.

Features of the Unique Pill Dispenser

The Pill Dispenser is one of the best and simplest ways for you to accurately and properly manage each one of your daily medications, vitamins, and minerals. Our elderly health care providers will introduce all of the benefits to the Pill Dispenser below:

  • Comes with 60 different medication cups that hold 20 to 25 pills at a time
  • Locks to keep all of your medications secure and safe inside
  • Organizes all of your medications and sends reminders and manages the delivery of your medications
  • Backup battery lasts for up to 12 hours when the power goes out
  • Connects to your existing phone line
  • Dispense button is easy to use and see
  • Sends out a light, voice, and text alert when it is time to take the medication
  • Sends you a notification if a dose is missed

When you need a safe and effective way to manage your daily medications, the Pill Dispenser is a great choice. Call Comfort Keepers elderly health care providers now to talk to one of our specialists about the right medication management decision for you. 

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