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Home Care Consultation Step by Step | Comfort Keepers® of Sheboygan & Fond Du Lac, WI

Jan 20, 2016 by Luke Ries


Home Care Consultation: Step by Step


Gather the right information with our step-by-step in-home consultation guide and help your loved one get the best care.

Sifting through the providers of in-home care can be challenging.  In-home care may be a change for your loved one as well as family members who may find themselves in the caregiving role.  At Comfort Keepers® of Sheboygan & Fond Du Lac, we have a personalized process to help you with the transition.

We perform a complete in-home consultation prior to our services beginning.  During this time, we determine the level and type of care your loved one needs, in addition to matching the specially trained caregiver who will be assisting your loved one.

Comfort Keepers of Sheboygan & Fond Du Lac is dedicated to the needs of your loved one.  This includes respecting and encouraging his or her independence and periodically reviewing the personalized care plan to make sure it is evolving as his or her needs change.

Because our plans are personalized, we will need your guidance getting started.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you can expect during your in-home care consultation and the information you may need to prepare prior to our visit.

Background Information


Every care plan starts with the basics. This includes:


?Address and contact information,

?Prescription and medication information, including type, dosage and frequency,

?A general idea of the types and hours of in-home care services needed,

?Your senior’s height, weight, and date of birth.

During our initial visit, we will also ask for a detailed medical history. It’s important we understand any and all major medical events and other sensitivities. This includes:


?Medical diagnoses

?Physical, psychological, or neurological limitations




Before Comfort Keepers’ in-home consultation, your family may need to make some decisions regarding family and legal responsibilities. What happens in case of an emergency or medical event? Who should be contacted? What are your loved one’s wishes? As part of the consultation, we gather information on:


?Emergency contacts,

?Contact information for all primary physicians,

?Information on the pharmacy where prescriptions are filled,

?Advanced instructions related to legal guardians and power of attorney.

Care Services and Caregiver Information

With the basics in place, we’ll focus on the most important reason for our consultation - determining the type of care your loved one needs and finding the right caregiver.

Are there specific tasks where your loved one is struggling?  Perhaps preparing meals or running errands? Comfort Keepers of Sheboygan & Fond du Lac offers assistance with:


?Bathing, grooming, and maintaining personal hygiene,

?Mobility assistance and transferring and positioning,

?Toileting and incontinence care,

?Meal preparation, feedings, and monitoring dietary restrictions,

?Light housekeeping,

?Transportation to and from appointments and other outings,

?Running errands,

?Medication reminders

Our Interactive Caregiving™ means our Comfort Keepers® won’t just be doing laundry or preparing meals, but our professional and compassionate caregivers will be spending quality time with your senior. We want to find the Comfort Keeper your loved one will enjoy and feel comfortable in spending time. We understand you want to leave your loved one in the care of someone you can trust. We’ll look for input to determine a great match:


?Preferred personality type – outgoing or reserved

?Preference between a caregiver that is more proactive or one more open to taking orders

?Your loved one’s interests

Contact Comfort Keepers of Sheboygan & Fond du Lac today at (920) 843-5858. You can also fill out our in-home consultation form online and our staff will contact you shortly to learn more about your needs.

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