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Smart Shopping Tips for Your Senior Loved Ones

Sep 28, 2016 by Luke Ries

Why Nutrition is King

Proper nutrition ties directly into positive well-being at nearly every stage of our lives. In addition to helping us feel better physically – by strengthening the immune system and increasing energy levels – healthier food choices also improve our outlook and attitude. For aging adults, healthy eating is especially vital to maintaining a happy, healthy, and independent lifestyle. That’s because as we age, our metabolism begins to slow down, and though we don’t need as many calories, our bodies do require more nutrient-dense foods to prevent potential health issues. As an added benefit, eating healthy foods can help manage conditions or chronic illnesses that are already in place.

While many may understand the importance of proper nutrition, it can often be difficult to determine what foods are actually healthy, especially in a consumer landscape where options are seemingly endless. Use the tips below during the next shopping trip with your aging loved ones, as they can help shed some light on what foods are best.

Smart Shopping Tips

  • Variety is the name of the game when it comes to healthy eating. Before any trip to the grocery store or farmers market, keep in mind what constitutes a well-rounded diet as well as what foods will provide the most nutritional value. They should include:
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Lean meats (preferably poultry and fish)
    • Whole grains
    • Low-fat dairy products
  • Another key is to find ingredients in their purest possible form. As a standard, you will want to avoid processed foods. Instead, shop the perimeter of the grocery store to look for “whole foods” – or foods that contain little to no additives or preservatives. For example, if your loved ones want a meal of chicken and mashed potatoes, go for skinless chicken breast and whole potatoes vs. frozen chicken fillets and prepackaged potato flakes.
  • Whole foods can be slightly more expensive than their processed counterparts, and obviously have a significantly shorter shelf life. Plan ahead so that you know what quantities you need, and be sure to pay attention to the “Use-By” date so that you know exactly how much time with which you have to work.
  • For foods that are packaged, be sure to read the Nutrition Facts labels thoroughly to ensure that what you’re considering is low in fat, sodium, and added sugar. Look for foods that are high in fiber and have plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

Catering to Specific Needs

Our dietary needs and restrictions are often quite specific once we reach older age. With that in mind, consider the tips above as they relate to your own aging loved ones. Always consult with physicians, registered dieticians, or any other medical professionals before changing a senior’s diet.

Let Comfort Keepers® Help

When your aging loved ones in Sheboygan and Fund du Lac need a little help around the house – whether it’s with meal preparation or companionship – we’re ready to help. Our compassionate, professional in-home caregivers provide personalized senior care services, tailored to your loved ones’ exact needs. We believe in “doing with” rather than “doing for” which allows seniors to stay engaged physically, mentally, and emotionally. Above all, our goal is to help your loved ones stay happy, healthy, and independent at home.

To discover all the ways in which Comfort Keepers® can provide the care and support your loved ones need, contact us or call (920) 204-6886. We look forward to hearing from you!







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