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Daily Routines Keep Seniors Happy and Healthy

Mar 9, 2017 by Luke Ries

Whether it is the trips to the hair salon or the morning meeting for coffee at a local café, daily routines are an important part of life for seniors. Routines provide seniors with control of their life and a sense of comfort without having to worry about life’s unpredictability.

Three Benefits of Daily Routine
If your loved ones are losing their sense of control over their physical body, keeping a daily routine can help put them at ease for what the new day is going to bring. There are four main benefits for seniors when they follow a daily routine.

1.Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Without a schedule seniors can feel out of place and unsure about what is going to happen the next day or even the next hour. When following a daily routine it puts their mind at ease and they will feel less anxious about their future.

2.Improved Muscle Memory
Doing the same activity every day trains their body to remember the movements it takes to complete an action. This muscle memory is good for your loved ones to experience every day to help their mind and body stay strong and healthy.

3.Increased Feeling of Safety
When given a plan for a week your loved ones will feel safer. They will know when they are leaving the house, or when someone is coming over. Plus, seniors with dementia lose track of time easily, but when they follow a schedule they will feel more grounded.

4.Sleep Better
Since daily routines decrease anxiety and stress, and increase a sense of safety, it is no wonder that it will provide your loved ones with a better night’s sleep. Most seniors have insomnia issues, so following a daily routine can offer a non-drug solution.

Our caregivers at Comfort Keepers® in Sheboygan can provide your loved ones with the help of keeping a daily routine. From showing up at the same time every day to taking your loved ones to taking them to scheduled appointments, our Comfort Keepers® can provide them with consistency and security to help them live a healthy, safe, and independent life.

If your loved ones need help maintaining a daily routine, or just needs a companion for a couple days a week call us at (920) 204-6886 or click here.


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