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Proper Care for Dentures

Jun 2, 2017 by Anonymous

In additional to physical and emotional care, your loved one also needs to take care of their oral health, which can contribute to their overall well-being. Sometimes oral health is overlooked by seniors, especially if they have dentures. But poor oral health can lead to more issues than just a bad smile. If your loved one has dentures, here are some best practices they can follow to ensure proper oral care.

Denture Tips

  • Handle dentures with care
    Dentures are fragile, so it is important that your aging loved one takes care when handling them. They should only handle them when standing over a folded towel or a sink full of water, just in-case they are dropped.
  • Brush and rinse dentures daily
    It is important to note that dentures should not be brushed with toothpaste. Brushing with a denture cleaner can remove food and plaque, which can reduce the risk of stains on the dentures and bacteria.
  • Take care of dentures when not in use
    When dentures are not being worn they need to be kept moist so they do not dry out and lose their shape. Dentures should be placed in water, but never hot water. Your loved one’s dentist may suggest the best way to care for their particular set of dentures since they are all different.

Comfort Keepers® of Sheboygan

Comfort Keepers®’ compassionate, professional, in-home caregivers can help assist your loved one with their dentures. From proper cleaning to trips to the dentist, our caregivers can provide your loved one with the essentials they need to practice proper oral care—and good health overall.

For more information regarding our in-home care services and how our caregivers can help your aging loved one live a happy, healthy, and independent life from the comfort of their own home, contact us at (920) 204-6886 or click here.



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